Mozcafe@BCREC (Horizon 2k13)

On the eve of Horizon 2k13, the 11th annual national level technical fest of Dr.B.C.Roy Engineering College, Durgapur, “mozcafe@bcrec” was organized which was a event completely dedicated to increase the awareness among newbie toward Mozilla and get yourself with free and open software.

The list of events that took place today were:

1. A talk on the topic “Introduction to Mozilla and its products” by Mr. Chandan Kumar.

2. A talk on the topic “A short introduction to Mozilla Design” by Mr. Umesh Agarwal.

3. A talk on the topic “Localization” by Mr. Biraj Karmakar.

4. A hands-on-session on “HTML and Webmaker” by Mr. Sayan Chowdhury.

This event took place in the auspices presence of the following two Mozilla guests:

1. Mr. Shahid Ali Farooqi

2. Mr. Biraj Karmakar

The event started sharply at 11:00 AM in the morning at the CSE/IT Seminar Hall of Dr. B. C. Roy Engineering College, Durgapur.

The event started with the talk of Mr. Chandan Kumar. In his talk, he introduced about the Mozilla, what are the benefits, what is the need, he beautifully explained about the basic knowledge and idea of Mozilla.

Thereafter, Mr. Umesh Agarwal started his talk on the topic “Mozilla Design”. He explained that how we can contribute to Mozilla Community by our creativity.

Then, Mr. Biraj Karmakar introduced the concept of Localization.

After having our seminar, we had a hands-on-session , where we designed the Mozilla logos, learnt about Webmaker, Localization in the presence of Mr. Shahid Ali Farooqi. 

Then we had a group photo session. And we came to the end of our event. The event was successful. A handsome number of students took participation in this event.

This is my first Mozcafe that I volunteered.


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